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Artist's Statement

My passion to explore the world through art began as a young adult, and over the years I have participated in workshops given by well-known artists in various mediums.  After painting for many years in a realistic manner, I’ve more recently become attracted to less traditional, more abstract impressionistic styles, and the concept of art as play.


Today I paint primarily abstract acrylics.  My style has evolved through years of continuous learning and experimentation with the medium, my love of bold colour and texture, and from gaining the freedom to express myself and my imagination without reservation.


My work is often inspired by the colours and power of nature.  At other times, paintings may be entirely non-representational, whimsical flights of fancy - simply random shapes  juxtaposing colour, light against dark, until the movement resonates within my imaginings. But I still cannot resist the occasional foray into the world of florals and landscapes where my artistic journey began.


My paintings have found homes in private collections across Canada, as well as in the United States.


Memberships and Shows:

Visual Arts Mississauga (1987 to present)

Clarkson Society of Artists (2012 to present)

      Annual shows at Riverwood since 2013


Fine Arts Society of Milton (1999 to present)

      Annual FASM Studio Tour 2000-2018

      Ten group shows at Holcim Gallery, Milton, since 2013


Contact Information:

Telephone: 416-917-1262


The Cove in Autumn.jpg
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